Greetings to all! With great pleasure, I welcome you to our website.

The current world is fast changing with new technologies and inventions. This advancement brings forth many advantages as well as challenges. The unpredictable economic conditions and the growing unemployment rates on a global level is an alarming fact for many economies.  Year after year, more and more young people are graduating out of colleges and technical institutions. Creating suitable work opportunities to make use of their productive skills is an important aspect for the stable growth of any developing society. Al-Waseelah Development Projects Co. is contributing our services to challenge this global issue with a unique business idea – Small and Medium Industries and Handicrafts Cities.

We are joining governments, hand-in-hand, to fight unemployment rates by creating job opportunities for skilled young population. Our projects are joint ventures with governments to provide facilities for aspiring small and medium industrial entrepreneurs to establish their own business units.  This is a fool proof investment opportunity that guarantees a win-win situation for all involved.

We look forward to a new era of success with our coming investment projects. Join us and together we will make this world a better one for the future generations.  

I use this opportunity to personally appreciate the support we have received from the board of directors, shareholders and all the well wishers, and we will continue our dedicated efforts to exceed the expectations.


Saleh M. Alkhannah


Al-Waseelah Development Projects Co.